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Common Agenda

Coopersville/Allendale College Access Network
Community Agenda for Education Attainment

Urgency for Change:

The 21st Century global economy demands a workforce with an education beyond high school. In order to build and sustain a vibrant economy and healthy community, we must ensure all students pursue and complete a post-secondary degree or credential.


The Coopersville/Allendale College Access Network will…

Build a post-secondary going culture with the communities of Coopersville and Allendale
Lower systemic barriers preventing students from pursuing post-secondary options who are prepared to succeed
Deliver a comprehensive and coordinated set of services for post-secondary programs and careers to students, particularly those who come from low-income families or who are first in their families to pursue post-secondary education


All Coopersville and Allendale students will…

Be socially and academically prepared and financially literate for post-secondary study by the end of high school
Enroll in a post-secondary program within six months of high school graduation
Earn a college degree or postsecondary credential within six years of high school graduation

Shared Objectives and Metrics:

By 2017, 80% of families surveyed state that they are “informed partners” and support students through the college and career readiness process.

By 2017, 100% of faculty in Allendale and Coopersville will integrate information on careers and post-secondary options (including how to attend them) within their high school curriculum.

By 2017, 100% of students (high school students- by spring of their junior year) surveyed in Allendale and Coopersville state that they understand the process for attending the postsecondary option of their choice.

By 2017, 100% of students/parents understand the college readiness standards (ACT benchmarks) and know where their scores fall in each of the 4 areas. Parents should be well-informed to encourage students to make choices wisely.

By 2017, 100% of students surveyed in Allendale and Coopersville state that they understand what postsecondary options are open to them based upon academic performance/skills, interests, and available postsecondary paths.

By 2017, 100% of seniors in Allendale and Coopersville have completed at least one postsecondary level experiences prior to graduating from high school including taking an AP course, visiting a campus, job shadowing, or taking a dual-enrollment course.

By 2017, 80% of students surveyed feel that faculty is involved in creating a college and career readiness culture at their high school.

By 2017, 90% of graduates complete a FAFSA.

By 2017, 90% of parents and/or seniors are familiar with the financial planning process and understand the financial planning pieces that go into applying for and obtaining a degree or other postsecondary education.

By 2025, 60% of graduated high school students will have achieved a degree or workplace training certificate.

Signed by the Executive Committee on September 20, 2013

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